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Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is a form of high speed, broadband Internet access using wireless signals to transmit Internet service to Customers' computers at speeds far exceeding those provided by dial-up, accelerated dial-up or other high speed Internet service. Our Wireless Service transmits from local towers to a Subscriber Module (SM) that is installed at your location. The Subscriber Module is in effect similar to a standard modem in that it enables the Internet connection to your computer.

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High-Speed DSL

DSL is a form of high speed, broadband internet access which utilizes your telephone line. However, it is different from dial-up by allowing the user to reach speeds of up to 6 mb/s (the same speed as most broadband internet providers). DSL is available nationwide as long as you have an AT&T landline and is now available to be ordered online. All you need is a DSL modem, and you can have access to high-speed DSL from Wireless Wisconsin.

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