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Broadband Wireless Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available in my area?

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What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is a form of high speed, broadband Internet access using wireless signals to transmit Internet service to Customers' computers at speeds far exceeding those provided by dial-up, accelerated dial-up or other high speed Internet service. Our Wireless Service transmits from local towers to a Subscriber Module (SM) that is installed at your location. The Subscriber Module is in effect similar to a standard modem in that it enables the Internet connection to your computer.

Do I need a phone line?

No. Wireless service broadcasts to the Subscriber Module therefore it does not require a phone line.

Can I get a busy signal?

No. Wireless connection is an 'always on' service.

Is Wireless the same as Satellite?

No. Wireless is unlike many satellite solutions where you download via the dish antenna, but you are also connected by phone line to the Internet for uploading information.

How does Wireless compare to Cable or DSL?

Depending on the package you choose, your broadband connection will be comparable to Cable and DSL or even faster.

Can I use the Wireless for online gaming?

Yes. Wireless offers low latency comparable to standard DSL and Cable which makes it perfectly suitable for online gaming.

How secure is the signal?

All information within our wireless infrastructure is encrypted using the 3DES standard of encryption. Security on additional consumer devices such as a router will depend solely on the configuration of that device.

What equipment is needed?

The equipment required to receive a wireless signal is the Subscriber Module and a network card in your desktop computer or laptop.

What are my computer system requirements?

Our Wireless will work with Windows 2000 or higher and Mac OS X or higher operating systems. The computer also needs to have a working network card (wired, unless you have a wireless router).

Can I connect more than one computer?

Yes. You can have multiple computers connected at your home or business by installing a separate router or switch into a LAN (local area network) environment.

Is Wireless affected by rain or snow?

Our technology is much less sensitive to inclement weather than other services. We include with our Wireless Service a free dial-up connection in the unlikely event of system disruption.

What about lightening protection?

We recommend the purchase and installation of a surge suppressor with each Subscriber Module.

How long will it take to install?

A standard install at your location can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the desired location of the Subscriber Module.

DSL Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line - this is a broadband service via your telephone line that gives you access to a high speed connection but does not tie up your existing line. The connection is always available.

How Fast is DSL?

We offer packages at 1.5M, 3M, and 6M - 1.5M = 1500K in relation to dial-up speeds of 56K, about 30 times faster than a dial up connection.

Does DSL use a phone line?

Yes. DSL requires established AT&T landline phone services, but DSL will not interfere with use of this phone line, so you may receive calls without being kicked offline.

How does DSL work?

DSL service works by sending radio signals over your telephone line from your DSL modem to the Network Uplink center. Because it operates in a different frequency range from your voice connection, it does not interfere.

What do I need to start using DSL?

You will need to purchase a DSL Modem. We recommend the AT&T Starter Kit available at Best Buy or Walmart. You will need established AT&T Landline services, and you will need a computer with a working Ethernet connection.

What are the system requirements?

DSL service will work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, Mac OS X or greater and various linux systems. It is also compatible with various gaming systems. We do not provide technical support for Linux and limited support for Console gaming Systems.

How long does it take to set up service?

Service Orders take 3-5 business days to order. Once service is active, you would be able to configure and connect your DSL modem.

Is DSL good for games and movies?

DSL speed will allow streaming of movies and playing games. However, we recommend 3M or 6M services for best results.

Can I share this connection with other computers?

Yes. You would need to purchase a router or a combination modem/router to do so

How do I get started?

You can visit our order page to see if you qualify or you can reach us at 877-326-6698 to prequalify and order service.

Dial-Up Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dial-up?

Dial-up is a connection utilizing a telephone line and a dial up modem.

How fast is Dial-up?

Dial-up connects at a maximum of 56K, the average being 48-52K, depending on phone line conditions.

What are the requirements for Dial-up?

You will need to have established Telephone landline service and a computer with a dial-up modem installed.

Is Dial-up right for me?

Dial-up will allow you to send and receive email and some limited browsing. We have access to a nationwide network, which makes it an option for use while on the road.

How do I get started?

Please contact us at 877-326-6698 to order service.

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